Born and raised in Paris and currently located in Austin, TX, Hugo de Saint Quentin, the founding member of blues rock act Hooka Hey grew up listening to American rock ‘n’ roll; in fact, rock ‘n’ roll called out to him so much that he wound up spending a few years in New York in the early 2000s in a number of bands before returning to Paris where he formed Hooka Hey. 

While in France, de Saint Quentin formed Hooka Hey and the band quickly gained national recognition through extensive airplay on Radio Nova, the country’s biggest and most renowned radio station.As a result, the band opened for Built to Spill, Ted Leo, The Black Keys and Miles Kane

But once you hear “Nasty,” the latest single off the band’s forthcoming EP Untamed, you’ll quickly realize how the band blew up in France – their sound draws on the scuzzy, swampy, power chord and thundering drums-based rock familiar to fans of Queens of the Stone Age, Jack White and countless others, complete with the ballsy swagger. Simply put, this song kick ass and takes names.