Born and raised in Utah, the duo of Spencer P. and Thomas C. better  known as Sego relocated to Los Angeles. The duo have quickly developed a reputation for being equally drawn to the cutting edge and to the timeless – and although their sound uses modern production techniques, there’s still an an eccentric and very human touch to the proceedings. 

With the release of “Wicked Youth,” the EP title track off the Wicked Youth EP, which French electronica label Kitsune will be releasing on October 28, the duo’s sound may draw comparisons to famed French indie pop and indie rock acts Air and Phoenix as the song is preternaturally and infectiously breezy track with cascading layers of synths, and a melody that manages to be both kind of happy and kind of wistful. In some way, the track is reminiscent of an Indian Summer night – it may be warm but there’s an underlying chill just underneath the surface.