Born in Australia, singer/songwriter Lucy Mason had spent her teenage years in Weybridge, Surrey UK. Although she fell in love with London’s music scene, she was initially influenced by No DoubtSmashing PumpkinsThe Cranberries, and Radiohead – so much so that she learned the guitar at 13. After returning back to Australia for school, Mason relocated to the UK and quickly found herself touring with fellow singer/songwriters Matt Corby and Josh Kumra on UK tours, And perhaps just as important for her career, she won the UK Songwriting Contest with “Sirens” which cemented her reputation as one of her country’s up-and-coming talents. 

“All You Want” as Mason mentions is “about a moment in time where I became determined” and as a result you hear not just determination in the song but inner strength, confidence and a growing wisdom in her voice. Sonically, the song pairs moody atmospherics – a sparse arrangement of swirling electronics, sparser beats, occasional soaring strings and pair it with Mason’s voice in a way that reminds me a bit of Dido

From what I hear Mason is in the studio putting the finishing touches on an EP and I’m looking forward to how this singer/songwriter’s craft progresses.