Born in San Francisco and now based in New Orleans, R&B vocalist, producer and composer Abby Diamond first caught the attention of several blogs last year for her collaboration with Yugen on “Single Cell.” “Single Cell” was an icily minimalist, slow-burning track that featured Diamond’s seductive and soulful crooning over subtly plucked guitar and off kilter syncopated beats, which give the song a glitchy, kaleidoscopic feel. 

Interestingly, towards the middle of last year Froyo Ma released “I Live All Alone” feat. Bill Murray and that track was a sonic marvel – it starts off with a dreamily soulful guitar-led section bolstered by boom bap drum programming and a glitchy vocal sample. But the song builds up intensity as the guitar is replaced with layers of cascading synths and a forceful buzz. And that happens after a sample of dialogue between Bill Murray’s and Scarlett Johansson’s characters in Lost in Translation. The track manages to be dreamily hypnotic and yet forcefully propulsive. 

What does that have to do with Abby Diamond? Well, Diamond’s first single off her forthcoming debut EP, Down, Down, Deep is a subtle yet brilliant reworking of the song that rearranges when the Lost in Translation sample appears (it appears twice – at the beginning and in the middle) and includes Diamond’s seductive and soulful vocals drifting over Froyo Ma’s beats. Although the track maintains its dreamily hypnotic and forcefully propulsive nature, Diamond gives the track a seductive, sensual nature that makes the song truly memorable.