British producer Paul White has established himself as a hip-hop producer of note, as he’s produced tracks off Danny Brown’XXXX and Old; however, with the release of his debut effort, Shaker Notes, White reveals that he’s an adept artist in his own right and he’s a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who doesn’t have to rely on the use of samples for his work. In fact, with the release of the album’s previous single “Where You Gonna Go” and the album’s latest single “Running On A Rainy Day” possess the warmth of old analog recordings paired with electronic production; however, “Running On A Rainy Day” is much more minimalist – beats and vocals sound as though they’re echoing off into the ether. But at the same time, it has an otherworldly and hypnotic beauty that gently ripples and unfurls towards the listener. 

The official video follows a (presumably) Romanian cab driver as he dispassionately picks up a variety of colorful passengers during the overnight shift. In some way, these journeys take on a metaphysical bent as the cabbie drives old. young, the innocent, the depraved and others to their destinations. Interestingly, although the cabbie may seem bored with his job, the passengers are viewed with basic human dignity and decency. The video ends with the cabbie spending some time to himself listening and jamming out to some of his favorite music as the sun rises – and presumably it has to be this gentle yet gorgeous track. 

 In fact, “Where You Gonna Go” is a languid and incredibly limber house track (sort of) played with live instrumentation, which gives the track the warmth of old analog recording but paired with swirling electronics and natural sounds, the track becomes subtly hypnotic.