Burette and Gabrielle Douglas began their musical careers as the founding members and frontpeople of the Dallas TX/Fort Worth, TX-based noise pop act Buck Jones but after a seven year run, the Douglases felt it was time to make major changes. Inspired by a complete fresh start, the husband and wife duo relocated to Burlington, VT, where they started their latest and most current project, The Cush. And during the roughly ten years they in Burlington, Burette and Gabrielle Douglas had written and recorded two full-length efforts, their self titled debut effort and New Appreciation for Sunshine, which was released in 2006. 

However, five years ago, the Douglases relocated back to the Dallas area, where they recorded their third full-length effort, Between the Leaves. With three full-length albums under the belt, The Cush wound up touring across the US and Europe with several blogosphere darlings including The Sea and Cake, Heartless Bastards (whose The Mountain is one of my favorite albums), Broken Social Scene, Deerhoof, The Fiery Furnaces, Cat Power, Stars, Dead Meadow and others. 

Now if you’ve followed JOVM for some time, you’d know that I have a longstanding love affair with all things shoegaze – and you may remember that I’ve written about The Cush last year and their fourth (and latest) effort, Transcendental Heatwave.  The album’s latest single “Orange Like Water” much like the album’s first single “Broken Radio” manages to bear a bit of resemblance to The Black Angels, thanks to a similar trance-like feel – but several things set them apart from their follow Texans and from countless other shoegazer acts: their use of ethereal girl/boy harmonies that float over the song’s motorik groove, which is bolstered by shimmering guitar chords fed through reverb and other effect pedals. The song is arguably their warmest, summery blast while retaining the dreamy feel that first caught my attention – and those across the blogosphere.