Buscabulla (which is a Puerto Rican Spanish slang word for troublemaker), is  Brooklyn-based duo of designer and vocalist Raquel Berrios and multi-instrumentalist Luis Alfredo Del Valle. Heavily influenced by salsa gorda, Cuban psych and 80s Argentinian rock and electro pop, the duo have a sound that manages to be slickly produced and sensual, while sounding both alien and familiar.

In some way it shouldn’t be surprising that Dev Hynes (better known as Blood Orange) produced the material that comprised their self-titled EP, which Kitsune Records just released. “Caer,” the first single off the EP consists of swirling electronics, sinuous bass, Nile Rodgers-like angular guitar and Berrios’s seductive coos. It’s sexy as hell but with an art-school, indie rock sheen that’s really interesting.