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New Audio: Satir Monter Shares Expansive and Cinematic “Ligea”

Satir Monter is an Italian-born and-based electronic music producer, who can trace the origins of his career back to when he started as DJ in 1994. As a DJ and as a producer, Saint Monter’s work is influenced by jazz, soul, Afro pop, funk, pop, blues, deep house, techno, electro pop, dance, house, underground house and progressive house among a lengthy list of others. And while his work manages to be indebted to eclectic sources, the Italian-born and-based artist’s sound is rooted in progressive evolution informed — simultaneously — by the past and the future.

His latest single “Ligea” is a club friendly, deep house banger featuring glistening synth arpeggios, skittering tweeter and woofer rattling beats paired with shimmering strings, and euphoric hooks. The end result is a song that brings Octo Octa, De Lux, and others to mind — but with a cinematic quality.


New Audio: Brooklyn’s illectronic Shares a Hypnotic, Soulful Banger

Oren Cohen, best known as illlectronic is an emerging Brooklyn-based electronic music artist, producer and founder of Vibal Records. The Brooklyn-based artist and producer can trace the origins of his music career to his teenaged years: As a teen, illectronic and his friends would spend countless hours smoking and immersed in hip-hop and EDM with the likes of Jonathan Peters, Eric Prydz, Wu-Tang Clan, and Nas emerging as major influences.

A troubled home life and a series of bad luck, including getting struck by a car as a pedestrian, struggling with addiction and even mental health issues made things difficult; but he persisted, prolifically producing beats and developing the sound and approach that would become his signature style. Additionally, the Brooklyn-based producer and artist can also dance, act, write and sing — in English, Spanish and Hebrew. Not surprising for a Brooklyn boy, huh?

His personal experiences influence and inform his work, and as result, his music is infused with an emotional depth that he feels separates him from a crowded field. “My best friend Dan calls me a prophet . . . lol,” the Brooklyn-based producer writes. “I have no idea what I’m doing actually I just have the drive and ambition to be like my lifelong idols” He adds “I want my audiences to not only see, but feel God’s light when they hear my music.

illectronic’s latest single “Victory” is a hypnotic and soulful banger centered around skittering and propulsive beats, euphoria-inducing hooks and a gently morphing song structure. Sonically, the track brings Octo Octa to mind, with the song being both club and lounge friendly.

New Audio: Dylan Rafael Shares a Euphoric Banger

Dylan Rafael is a 23 year-old, New York-based electronic music producer and DJ, who discovered his passion for DJ’ing when he turned 12 — 12 y’all! When he turned 20, he started to learn how to produce his own original material, which eventually led to him playing at Lavo and nebula — with opening slots for Ship WrekDzekoGordo and others. 

Back in September, Rafael released “Ancestral Groove,” an infectious, deep house banger that’s simultaneously club and lounge friendly — with a subtle hit of fall. “This is my first release inspired by my love for Tech house and Afrohouse,” the New York-based producer and DJ explains. “Did my absolute best to combine by favorite elements of both genres to create what I found to be a unique style.”

Rafael’s latest single “Bedouin Whispers” continues a run of deep house-inspired bangers centered around tweeter and woofer rattling beats, a sultry, chopped up vocal sample and the New York-based producer’s penchant for euphoria-inducing balearic-house hooks. But there’s a subtle Middle East influence in the vocal and in some of the instrumentation. “My new single ‘Bedouin Whispers’ is my take on tech house blended with my Middle Eastern roots.”

New Audio: JOVM Mainstays Bubba Brothers Share a Melodic and Shimmering Banger

Portuguese DJ and production duo Bubba Brothers — Eliseo Correia and Justino Santos — formed back in 2015. And since their formation, the JOVM mainstays have released a prolific array of dance floor rocking hits, including a batch of singles I’ve written about over the course of this past year. 

The Portuguese duo’s latest single “Umi” sees the pair crafting a sleek, slickly produced bit of melodic house centered around glistening synth arpeggios, skittering beats, and a relentless motorik groove paired with their unerring knack for euphoria-inducing hooks. Sonically, “Umi” strikes me as being a synthesis of Tour de France-era Kraftwerk and Between Two Selves-era Octo Octa.

New Audio: Senitom Teams Up with J. Moriarty on a Melodic, Deep House Banger

Travis Stewart is an electronic music producer and sound designer., best known as Senitom. With Senitom, Stewart creates melodic techno/deep house that sees him pairing organic melodies with aggressive synthesizer work and driving bass.

Stewart’s latest Senitom single “Time In Your World” feat. J. Moriarty is remarkably accessible banger centered around glistening synth arpeggios and a relentless motorik groove paired with Moriarty’s plaintive crooning that sounds — to my ears, at least — as though it were inspired by Balaeric house.

Spreadsheets is a prolific multi-instrumentalist and producer. Released earlier this year, the Kale Chips EP has amassed over 400,000 streams — just on Spotify. Continuing his reputation for being prolific, his latest single “Serious” is a woozy banger with elements of French touch and deep house centered around glistening and spacey synth arpeggios, skittering tweeter and woofer rattling thump, the prolific producer’s heavily vocodered vocal and his uncanny knack for enormous euphoria-inducing hooks.

New Audio: LutchamaK Shares a Hypnotic Banger

There are only a handful of artists I’ve written about more than the wildly prolific, French electronic music producer and JOVM LutchamaK

Capping off a busy year, the French JOVM mainstay recently released the 10-song album Younger than Yesterday through TERMusik. LutchamaK describes the album as “tech house atmospheric, minimalist techno sprinkled with some breaks.”

Yesterday, I wrote about album track “I Believe in U,” a melodic and hypnotic, house music banger that sonically seemed to be a crowd-pleasing synthesis of Between Two Selves-era Octo Octa and Chicago house.

“Higher Amplitude,” Younger Than Yesterday‘s latest single continues a remarkable run of hypnotic and woozy deep house but with subtle elements of drum ‘n’ bass, French touch and dub.

New Audio: JOVM Mainstay LutchamaK Shares a Melodic House Banger

Over the past couple of years of this site’s almost 13 — 13! — year history, I’ve managed to spill a copious amount of virtual ink covering the wildly prolific, French electronic music producer and JOVM mainstay LutchamaK

Capping off a busy year, the French JOVM mainstay recently released the 10-song album Younger than Yesterday through TERMusik. LutchamaK describes the album as “tech house atmospheric, minimalist techno sprinkled with some breaks.” Younger than Yesterday‘s latest single “I Believe in U” is a melodic and hypnotic. house music banger centered around glistening and atmospheric synths, tweeter and woofer rattling thump paired with a soulful vocal sample.

While continuing a remarkable run of bangers, “I Believe in U” sonically strikes me as being a slick and crowd-pleasing synthesis of Between Two Selves-era Octo Octa and Chicago house.

Platinum-selling British electro pop outfit Years & Years formed back in 2010 as a full-fledged band featuring Olly Alexander, Mikey Goldsworthy, Emre Türkmen, Noel Leeman and Oliver Subria. Between their founding and the release of their first two singles — 2012’s “I Wish I Knew” and 2013’s “Traps,” Leeman and Subria left the band.

As trio Years & Years wrote and recorded their full-length debut, 2015’s Communion, which debuted at #1 on the UK Albums Charts — and was the fastest-selling debut album of the year from a British signed band. Communion single “King” reached #1 on the UK Singles Chart and was on the Top Ten Charts in Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Ireland and Switzerland. “Shine” reached #2 on the UK Singles Chart.

Their sophomore album, 2018’s Palo Santo was set in a dystopian world, where androids were the majority and humans were the minority. The album featured singles “Sanctify” and “If You’re Over Me” — with “If You’re Over Me” reaching Top 10 on the UK Singles Chart.

Last March, the acclaimed British pop outfit announced that their third album, the 11-song album Night Call was in production. That same day, the band announced that Goldsworthy and Türkmen had stepped down as active members — and that the outfit would continue as Olly Alexander’s solo project.

Released earlier this year, Night Call debuted at #1 on the UK Albums Chart. Thematically, the album talks about embracing submission and twisting power play to reclaim your strength. And as a result, songs about heartbreak are few; traditional ballads are almost non-existent. “A lot of the songs are patchworks inspired by random memories and hook-ups, or men that I’ve met,” Alexander explains. Album singles “Crave,” “Starstruck” and “Sweet Talker” feat. Galantis have proven to be pulsating queer anthems.

Adding to a big year for the British pop outfit, Years & Years just shared a cover of Crystal Waters’ 90s house/dance pop classic “100% Pure Love,” which will soundtrack Target’s 2022 holiday ad campaign. While still being an enormous club banger, the Years & Years cover is a subtle reimagining that somehow feels and sounds even more 90s house than the original.

“I knew right away that I wanted to work with Georgia and Mark Ralph to bring this cover to life,” Alexander says. “Crystal’s vocal in the original is so captivating, she has such a special energy and that really inspired me when I came to record my vocals. I’m really hoping people enjoy it, it has such a positive message and liberating feel to it…I love it!” 

New Audio: French Producer Nhyx Shares a Dance Floor Friendly Bop

Nhyx is an emerging Paris-born electronic music producer and songwriter, who grew up loving classical music. But the direction of his life was changed when he was introduced to the 90s house and techno scenes. As a producer and songwriter, the French producer and songwriter approaches his work as a sonic journey in which he meshes elements of lo-fi, indie house, electronica and others — with a strong melodic sensibility.

“Samplus,” the emerging French producer’s latest single is a loving tribute to French touch centered around tweeter and woofer rattling thump, a hypnotic and sinuous, club rocking groove and a disco-influenced string sample-driven break. Simply put, the song is a certified party starter that recalls Stardust‘s “Music Sounds Better With You,” and Discovery-era Daft Punk.