Co-founded by guitarists Alex Tebeleff and Eduardo Rivera, the Washington, DC-based band Paperhaus have become one of the more prominent bands of DC’s music scene, after the release of two EPs and several national tours with the likes of indie darlings such as Caveman, Woods, Widowspeak, Here We Go Magic and others. 

The band’s long-awaited, self-titled debut, slated for a February 10, 2015 release was written over the course of two years through a series of intense improvisation sessions that eventually evolved into composed songs and as you’ll hear on “Cairo,” the second single off their forthcoming full-length. Interestingly, although you can hear distinct song structures – hook, chorus, verse and the like – the single manages to retain the free-flowing, unpredictable nature of a band jamming together. But perhaps more telling is the fact that although the band has managed to employ elements of psychedelia throughout their previous releases, “Cairo” and in turn, their self-titled may arguably be the most directly psychedelic and atmospheric music they’ve released to date. So I wasn’t terribly surprised to hear that one of the album’s themes involved mind expansion by whatever means necessary. 

At points the gorgeous and shimmering guitar chords bear an uncanny resemblance to the likes of The Smiths, Caveman, and others while the song is propelled forward with an almost motorik-like groove as it twists and turns on itself like a Mobius strip towards its conclusion.