Cochlear Kill is the musical project and brain child of Mot Bollox, a multi-instrumentalist with a ton of effects pedals, a lot of free time and home studio equipment. Heavily inspired by shoegazer rock, Bollox’s sound employs hazy guitars and pedal effects, vocals fed through vocoders, delay pedals and other effects, found sound samples and swirling electronic noise to create what he has described as hallucinogenic pop. 

Bollox’s third EP with the Cochlear Kill project, Colour Me Radd is the first effort to be mixed, shaped and produced by outside folks – namely Lindsay Gravina who has worked with Faker, Rowland S Howard, HRTK; and Bryce Moorhead who has worked with Violent Soho.

“Insomni-Stations” is the first single off Colour Me Radd and the track employs the use of hip hop-styled breaks, cascading layers of angular guitar chords, and ethereal vocals that seem to float, dart and dip into a trippy, psychedelic mix that manages to be danceable.