Comprised of Aviva Payne and Matais Coulter, the Sydney, Australia-based duo of AViVAA formed about a year ago, and in a relatively short period of time, Payne and Coulter have released three singles that have caught the attention of millions across the world – their debut single “CRYSTALEYES” has received some 270,000 plays on Spotify and their other singles have been used in ad campaigns for Bardot, Rockstar Energy Drink, National Geographic and others. Additionally, they’ve been featured and praised across the blogosphere for a minimalist production style paired with Payne’s plaintive and seductive vocals. 

The duo’s fourth and latest single “Guilded Cage” will further cement the duo’s already burgeoning reputation for a sparse, minimalist production style while bearing a resemblance to the likes of Beacon and their fellow countrymen Chet Faker, as the song is comprised of swirling electronics, clinking and clanging percussion and ominous-soundin synths paired with Payne’s sensual cooing.