Comprised of Ben Shemie (vocals, guitar), Joe Yarmush (guitar and bass), Liam O’Neill (drums) and Max Henry (bass and keyboards), the Montreal indie rock quartet of Suuns can trace their origins to the summer of 2006 when Shemie and Yarmush got together to make beats – and those beats eventually turned into songs. 

The Canadian quartet’s debut effort Zeros QC was released back in 2010 to critical praise from the likes of the New York Timesand adding to an already growing profile, the band embarked on tours with Parlovr, Land of Talk and The Besnard Lakes. Their sophomore effort, Images Du Futur 
was released last year to even more critical praise, and was followed by an international tour with We Are Wolves and Plants and Animals. And adding to an increasingly growing international profile, the quartet’s sophomore effort was long-listed for a 2013 Polaris Music Prize

Just as Montreal, QC-based band announced an early 2015 tour with the amazing Chicago, IL-based band Disappears, Suuns released the official video for “Sunspot.” And after hearing “Sunspot,” the pairing of Suuns with Disappears makes perfect sense – the single is comprised of chiming electronics, sinuous bass lines, jazz-styled drumming, buzzing synths and strummed guitar paired with Shemie’s ethereal vocals floating through the mix like a wisp of smoke. Sonically, the track evokes a hazy, half-remembered fever dream – the sort of dream in which you can’t quite discern what was real or not, if you were dreaming or awake, or if things were coming or going. 

The official video, directed by Ben Shemie is a 32 minute video which explores the themes of absolution, sin and repetition in a way that manages to be both profound, mind-bending and enervating as you’ll watch a middle aged man repeatedly washing his hands and drying them.