Comprised of Holland Belle, a classically trained opera singer (on vocals, obviously), Jordan Wiggins (guitar), Steve Lucarelli (bass), Diego Guerrero (drums) and Louie Schultz (guitar), formerly of the indie-pop band Army Navy, the Los Angeles, CA-based quartet Nightjacket can trace their origins to when Wiggins and Belle met at a backyard party, where Belle was performing. And while Belle was performing a number of folk songs, accompanying herself on electric guitar, Wiggins found himself quickly impressed and inspired; in fact, he was so inspired and impressed that he approached Belle and told her that her vocals reminded him of Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval. As Wiggins explains in press notes, “It was interesting timing because her style was in line with the sound of material I was already working on; these dark and dreamy pop songs. As I continued to develop new songs I think I had her voice in mind, consciously or not.” Wiggins sent a nubbier of demos to Belle and it started the initial collaboration that helped define the project’s sound and direction. The line up was cemented when Lucarelli, Guerrero, and Shultz were recruited to flesh out the project’s sound. 

“The Right Way To Fall,”  the first single off the band’s forthcoming debut EP, Eternal Phase is a lush track consisting of Belle’s gossamer vocals floating through a lush composition of shimmering guitars and gently swirling electronics in a way that channels the aforementioned Mazzy Star and Dido but with a breezy pop sensibility that belies the song’s moody thematic concerns, as the song is actually about unrequited love. But at its very core is a bruised and aching heart