Comprised of Joel Cohen (vocals, guitar), Allen Esser (drums), and Leah Callahan (vocals and keyboards), the Boston, MA-based trio of The Glass Set specialize in a dreamy shoegazer rock that is naturally inspired by 80s and 90s Brit pop. In fact, the Boston Herald compared the band’s sound as “Joy Division fronted by a female Morrisey;” however, personally I find that to be a bit off, at least for “Elephant and Castle,” the latest single of the band’s off the band’s forthcoming album First Image, which is slated for a September 24 release.  

In some way “Elephant and Castle” reminds me much more of the Cranberries (yeah, i know they’re Irish but bear with me), the Sundays and The Stone Roses in the sense that “Elephant and Castle” possesses an eerie beauty that slowly unfurls before the listener – and much like those bands their sound also posses subtle nuance that reveals itself upon repeated listens.