Comprised of Josefin Öhrn and Fredrik Joelson, the duo of Josefin Öhrn and The Liberation had a breakthrough year last year as their Diamond Waves 12 inch EP and their Sunny Afternoon and Tell It To The Wind 7 inches have received quite a bit of attention across Scandinavia as the duo were recently nominated for a Swedish Best New Artist Grammy, toured with a number of big names in the Swedish experimental pop scene including, GOAT and Les Big Byrd, and have played in two of the region’s biggest festivals – Way Out West Festival in Gothenburg and Skankaloss Festival in Gagnef. And interestingly, the duo of Öhrn and Joelson are starting to receive larger international attention for a hazy and hypnotic 90s-erashoegaze that gently arches heavenward as it subtly nods to drone and Middle Eastern music, as you’ll hear on their latest single “Anything So Bright.”

The official video, produced by David Nord, uses an array of lights and Trompe L’oeil imagery to evoke the dreamy, trippy feel for he song – it evokes what I can imagine the sensation of tripping on LSD while in walking in a field on a summer day.