Comprised of Karmen Kimball (vocals, keyboards) and Alex Lasner (guitar, keyboards), Maybe The Moon is a Bay Area-based indie electro pop duo, who have a rather adorable meet cute story. Kimball and Lasner met at a party on December 21, 2012, the end of the 13th cycle of the Mayan calendar and the alleged end of the world. While the duo were talking, they bonded over a mutual love of Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music, and discovered that they had attended the elementary school together. A few weeks later, they got engaged and started writing and working on the material that would eventually become the batch of singles that the duo will be releasing over the course of this year. 

As Alex Lesner described to me in an email, “The main character in ‘Hammer See Nails’ fixates on the negative aspects of every person and situation he encounters. He’s in an endless war between his better judgement and his complete inability to stop lashing our at those around him. He’s constantly haunted by the little voice in his head that keeps repeating a sentiment he’ll never be able to embody: ‘Your tongue forgot/Words are wings for thoughts/Details aren’t the main attraction.’” With that mind, lyrically, the song maintains a novelist’s attention to psychological detail, describing its protagonist in a such a vivid way that he feels embodied – to the point that he may seem like someone you may know or have known. The song is also peppered with rich details such as the man trying to bush away something like cigarette ashes, a row of pearly white teeth, snarling and about to bite, and so on. 

Sonically, the track is comprised of buzzing synths and skittering percussion paired with Kimball’s gorgeous, ethereal vocals. In some way, it bears a resemblance to Portishead because of its slow burning, anxious feel.