Comprised of Matt Whittle, Derek Salazar, Chris Flip, Natalie Vogel, and Sean Cohen, the Philadelphia, PA area-based quintet of Seagulls recorded their debut full-length, Great Pine was recorded in member Derek Salazar’s secluded, West Virginia cabin, which he appropriately titled, “Woodside.”  And from the album’s critically praised first single “You and Me,” the band’s sound manages to employ elements of doo-wop through the use of choppy piano chords and lush harmonies, buzzing 8-bit era electronics and Pet Sounds-era Beach Boys surfer rock to create something that’s naturally quite nostalgic yet modern — and perhaps more important, a sound that feels focused and yet absolutely unforced. And considering the incredibly frigid temperatures here in New York and most places in the country, it’s a summery blast that may be needed. 

The official video is rather goofy video in which people get hit with water balloons, flour, eggs, food, paint and other subjects – and it’s shot in super slow motion, so that you can see each person briefly wince in anticipation of getting hit. If you were a child of the 80s, as I was, it should bring to mind the old Nickelodeon TV show, You Can’t Do That on Television