Comprised of Robbie Slade and Peter Ricq, the Vancouver, BC-based electronic music production and artist duo HUMANS have received quite a bit of attention across the blogosphere for “Follow,” off their soon-to-be released debut, full-length effort, Noontide. With vocals fed through layers of vocoder, undulating synths, swirling electronics and propulsive drum and bass and a layer of finger snapped percussion, “Follow” sounds as though it owes a debt both to Kraftwerk and contemporary electronic music. And as I previously wrote, the song evokes an ominous and dystopian future – the sort of which there’s only one escape: dancing. 

The official video features gangsters who dump a dead body into the trunk of another gangster, whose job is to dispose of the body – in a fashion similar to Jimmy Hoffa. At some point, things become rather strange as the car gets filled with thick smoke. When the driver gets out to see what’s going on, he checks the body and the body emanates a strange light – that is before the body gets up to attack him. Talk about trippy and fucked up, huh?