Comprised of Sinosa Micik, lead vocalist; Bobby Tamkin, drummer producer and songwriter, who was previously a member of the Warlocks; Devin Johnson, guitarist; Lisa Fendelander, keyboardist; Kyle Hines, bassist; and recently recruited Derek Muro on synthesizers, the Mar Vista, CA-based quintet of Xu Xu Fang have developed a reputation for a dark, brooding melodicism and a noirish psychedelic feel as you’ll hear on “Noir State Beach,” the band’s latest single. in some way, the track bears resemblances to the likes of Mogwai, thanks to it’s buzzing, power chord-filled insistence, and to Queens of the Stone Age for it’s incredible, whiskey fueled guitar solo. 

The official video was produced by Spike Jonze collaborator Casey Storm and features Luke Grimes, who has starred in True Blood and Fifty Shades of Grey. It features some surreal and paranoid imagery – in particular, the video’s protagonist seemingly followed everywhere by a vagabond with a sign that reads “Xu Xu Fang."