Comprised of Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern, the New York-baesd duo Sofi Tukker met at an art galley while they were both attending Brown University and quickly began writing music, based around their desire of creating “world music” accessible to a wider audience. Upon the duo’s graduation, they relocated to New York, and over the past year, Hawley-Weld and Halpern have been working on the material that will wind up on their self-titled EP. 

The EP’s first single “Drinkee” is inspired by the Brazilian poet Chacal as its lyrics are adapted from one of his poems and are sung in the poet’s native tongue – Brazilian Portuguese. Although the layered track consists of looping, angular and distorted guitar chords, Congos, swirling electronics, a distorted, slow-pitched,  looped vocal sample, syrupy synth chords that slowly cascade to the rest of the mix, it manages to mesh the breezy feel of Brazilian samba with the angular rock-based funk of Talking Heads – and a more contemporary Las Kellies.