Comprised of Spencer White, Jackson White, Steve Kempnich, and Lewis Stephenson, the Brisbane, Australia-based quartet Morning Harvey have developed a reputation in Brisbane for a breezy, psych pop/shoegaze sound based around shimmering reverb-y guitar lines, soaring anthemic choruses and tight hooks paired with introspective lyrics. And when I was emailed “Smith Street Swap Meet,” the first single off the band’s forthcoming EP, I was immediately reminded of The Verve’s “Gravity Grave” and “Blue,” both of which pair rather dark and introspective subject matter with soaring, anthemic chorus and the shoegaze sound. In the case of “Smith Street Swap Meet,” the song’s narrator openly talking about a youth and a life that’s been wasted and a fear that it may be too late to change the course of his life. 

The official video follows a day in the life of a what appears to be a man ravaged by drug addiction. He spends portion of the video trying to sell one of the last things he owns, an old computer monitor from the mid 90s. Our protagonist goes from pawn shop to pawn shop and every single clerk rejects him, which seems to add to our protagonist’s increasingly shameless desperation. Eventually, the man drives to the docks and tosses his monitor into the sea –  but ironically, he jumps back to recover it.  It accurately captures and evokes the sense of desperation and hopeless in a way that’s ironic and heartbreaking.