Danish producer and electronic music artist Tomas Barfod released his debut solo album, Salton Sea to praise from the likes of Pitchfork, Gorilla vs. Bear, and Dazed & Confused, thanks to a sound that’s been described as a sophisticated mesh of electronics, and a purely improvised sound, as it was written and recorded while Barfod was on the road. 

Love Me, the much-anticipated follow up to Barford’s debut continues the Danish producer’s reputation for crafting a rich but improvised sound but he adds collaborations with the likes of a string and brass section, Here We Go Magic’s Luke Temple and long-time collaborator, vocalist Nina Kinert

The latest single from the album, “Busy Baby” is comprised of a languid yet sinuous bass line swirling electronics, urgent, insistent synths and Nina Kinert’s unhurried, seductive coo – and the track manages to evoke a slickly produced mesh of 80s synth pop with the modern production of electronic dance music. Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush immediately came to mind after hearing this single. 

The offIcial video, which was directed by Barford’s friend Laerke is a reinterpretation of Love Me’s album cover work by digitally manipulated Kinert’s face, based around the song’s lyrics. Sure, it’s surreal but it also manages to be strangely haunting.