Daptone Records have firmly established themselves as a renowned home of all things funk and soul, including The Budos Band, a collective that specializes in what the band has dubbed Afro-Soul, a sound that is influenced by Nigeria’s Afrobeat, Ethiopian music and 60s soul. And in fact, along with Antibalas they may arguably be at the forefront of this country’s Afro-funk movement of the past decade or so. 

Their soon-to-be released effort Burnt Offering is a sonic change of direction for the band, and as you’ll hear on the album’s first single, album title track “Burnt Offering” is heavily influenced by Black Sabbath, Pentagram, if filtered through funk in a similar fashion to Brownout’s Latin-tinged interpretations of Black Sabbath – and like the Austin, TX-based collective their sound manages to sound both fiercely menacing and cinematic. It sounds as though it should be the soundtrack for a film about Satanic death cult because it kick ass and is incredibly funky.