Del Venicci, can trace their origins to when Ross Politti (of Carnivores) offered to record and produce a project that Grace Bellury (of Lille) had been working on for some time. What had started as a seemingly one time collaboration soon evolved into something much more ambitious when Bellury and Politti recognized that they were perfect musical counterpoints to each other – Bellury’s ethereal vocals just seem to work perfectly with Politti’s angular, buzzing, goth-inspired guitar.

Bellury and Politti continued to work together, eventually writing the material that would end up becoming their debut effort, Haunted Hall. "Contagion,“ the latest single off Haunted Hall is a hazily psychedelic and noisy song with a seductive, seemingly 60s inspired melody. in some way, the song reminded me of Siouxsie and the Banshees, under the influence of hallucinogens. It’s trippy as hell. 

Recruiting an actual rhythm section to flesh out their live sound, the duo of Bellury and Politti recruited fellow Atlantans Jonathan Mereinvitch (Janelle Monae, Dog Bite) on bass and Tyler Walters (the Clap) on drums, Heavily influenced by Warhol’s Factory scene, they decided to step it up further by inviting artists across several different disciplines to collaborate together.