Earlier this week, you may have come across a post on the Brooklyn-based experimental pop quintet Pavo Pavo. The band can trace their origins to when they started writing music together while studying music at Yale University. And interestingly, since the band’s formation, each of the band’s five members have collaborated with Luke Temple, Roomful of Teeth, Dirty Projectors’ Dave Longstreth and blogosphere darlings, San Fermin

Pavo Pavo’s latest single “Annie Hall,” was released at the end of this week and much like it’s A side, “Ran Ran Run,” the newest single is a feverish dream of a song consisting of shimmering synths, bursts of twinkling piano and ethereal harmonies; however, unlike the previously released single, the newest single is extremely sparse, evoking not just a chilly minimalism but a seemingly pristine, utopian future – yet, if you look closely you’ll see rot and dysfunction bubbling just under the surface. Interestingly, the song also brings to mind a surrealist’s version of 70s AM rock, done in the year 2309.