Electro pop production duo, The Penelopes have developed a reputation in the UK and across the world for their Giorgio Moroder disco-era remixes of Lana Del Ray, Pet Shop Boys, We Have Band, Night Drive and others. 

Super Critical, The Ting Tings forthcoming album will see an October 27 release, and the indie pop duo recruited The Penelopes to remix Super Critical’s first single “Do It Again.” The original is based around a familiar sounding Nile Rodgers-styled rhythm guitar riff, circa Chic or even Madonna; however, the remix employs the use of layers of propulsive and undulating synths, handclaps, hot flashes of cymbals and bloops and bleeps in a way that should remind listeners of Giorgio Moroder’s height as a super producer, as the remix possesses an urgent and carnal sensuality. It should make you want to dance until you sweat, and then find someone to take home with you.