Electronic music can trace it’s origin back to the Germany and Italy of the early 70s. And two of the genre’s earliest (and most beloved) champions were Kraftwerk and Giorio Moroder. In fact, their influence is so monumental that it reverberates through almost all modern music, some 40 years after the release of their seminal work. But whereas Kraftwerk is sadly known as a bit of a cult favorite act here in the States, Giorgio Moroder is famously known for his work collaborating with Donna Summer on some of her gigantic hits including “Bad Girls,” “Love to Love You, Baby” and others. And although those songs became the standard for what disco would sound like at it’s peak, it reflects a sound unlike any other – futuristic, yes; but it pulsates with a decadent, sweaty and all too human sensuality. 

Recently the folks at Red Bull Music Academy invited the electronic music legend to speak in front of a small group of students about music, his creative process and the like, and to what was billed as his first ever live DJ set at the Deep Space party at the brand, spanking new dance club, Output in Williamsburg. Along with his long-time collaborator Chris Cox, Moroder played about a 75 minute set of fully re-arranged, and exclusively remixed versions of some of his biggest hits on the dance floor, as well as his most recent work on Daft Punk’s newest full length. What makes this DJ set so incredible and so worthwhile is that even his most classic songs sound remarkably contemporary. There are at least four re-arranged, remixed tracks that i can imagine DJs playing at a club right this second. But most importantly, Moroder’s set manages to cover 40 years of dance music in a heady, buzzing blur and does so in a very organic and thoughtful fashion. Everything in it’s proper place, and in a way that communicates how important Morodoer’s work and sound are to modern music. In his work you’ll hear LCD Soundsystem, Daft Punk, Swedish House Mafia, deep house, drum and bass – all of which would not be possible without Moroder. 

This is probably one of the best live DJ sets i’ve heard in some time, and I think if you truly appreciate music you’ll think the same way.