Electronic music producer and artist Dorian Concept has developed a reputation for having one of the most exciting and dynamic live shows in electronic music, as Concepts plays with alongside his two best friends, fellow Austrian and jazz drummer,  Cid Rim —and the cloniOUs, who has made a name for himself with his own futuristic electronic experiments. And what makes a live Dorian Concept set interesting is that sonically him and his bandmates focus purely on the actual musicianship that shaped the slick production – they manage to keep the sonic fidelity of the material, while allowing room for the band to freely improvise. In fact, in some way the live version of “The Few” off his forthcoming album Joined Ends bears an uncanny resemblance to the jazz fusion of Return to Forever. Or in other words it’s a nuanced sound that’s complex yet approachable, funky yet possessing a painterly quality as the sound manages to gently unfurl.