Emerging from Toronto, ON’s indie scene back in 1995 with his debut solo effort, Everything I Long For, singer/songwriter Hayden has won over fans and critics for his introspective lyrics and his independence – he plays almost all of the instruments on every one of his albums, as well as produce, engineer and release them independently. Take that, conglomerates! 

Hayden is releasing his seventh album, Us Alone and it’s reportedly one of the singer/songwriter’s most personal yet accessible albums to date. “Rainy Saturday” is the latest single from Us Alone and it’s a sincere, gentle, and sweet love song of the type that shamefully you won’t hear too much these days. After all, I think the world can use a few more gentle and sweet love songs. 

After playing “Rainy Saturday” a couple of times and in some small fashion it kind of reminds me of Elvis Costello, in the sense that the song sonically feels like a finely crafted, well-thought out pop tune. 

Hayden is touring to support the new effort – most of his tour is across his native Canada but it does include a stop at the Mercury Lounge on February 13th, a stop at SXSW, and stops in Seattle, WA; Denver, CO; and Chicago, IL