EP Stream: Introducing Iowa’s Blookah and His Slickly Produced and Seamless Debut EP, “Blind Spot”

Blookah is an Iowa-based musician, producer and electronic music artist who has developed a laid-back, chilled-out sound that draws from old school, boom-bap-era hip-hop production, soul music, jazz,  and drum ‘n’ bass and has been compared to Esta, Chromeo, and Swindle. His four song EP, Blind Spot was recently released through Buygore and Life on Planes, and the effort is not only an example of slick, modern production, it also reveals an up-and-coming artist that will likely be taking over the blogosphere in the near future.

The EP’s swaggering. opening single “Wuv” begins with layers of shimmering and shivering synths, swirling electronics, heavily distorted vocals fed through vocoder, wobbling bass, and tweeter and woofer rattling beats. By far, it’s the most hip-hop and drum ‘n’ bass-inspired sounding song on the EP. “Ryder” starts off with a angular and funky guitar line and eventually stuttering drum beats, swirling electronics and 8-bit bloops and beeps, and a soulful vocal sample are added in a slow accretion of layers. Sonically, “Ryder” meshes Weather Channel jazz with the 80s-inspired funk of Dam-Funk. “Hoopty” is comprised of big, boom-bap drums, stuttering percussion, layers of synth stabs and twinkling synths to create a sound that sounds like a drum ‘n’ bass leaning version of Octo Octa. EP closer “Daizy” is comprised of twinkling keys, stuttering and skittering percussion and may be the most effortlessly soulful track on the entire EP. It’s clearly an effortlessly slick sound but it also manages to possess a thoughtful, deliberate quality with each beat, each note seeming carefully considered.