Established in 1948, Rums of Puerto Rico is a governmental agency whose mission is to ensure that rum, the national drink, was made under strict guidelines – ostensibly so that quality would be ensured, as well. Under the supervision of Rums of Puerto Rico, all rum made on the island has to adhere to specific standards – before being sold all rum has to be aged at least one year; gold rums have to be aged at least two years; and premium rums have to be aged 6 years. They have to use very specific ingredients, must be aged only in white oak barrels, and it’s production has to be made by continuous distillation. It’s a serious thing much like how beer is in Germany or how wine is in France or Italy. 

Throughout the later part of November, Rums of Puerto Rico is bringing their “Taste of Rum” tour to the East Coast, as an extension of their flagship “Taste of Rum” Festival.  And if you love rum – and shit, I used to love rum back in the day – the tour gives rum lovers, an opportunity to taste a variety of Puerto Rican rums while chatting with rumerlier Eric Morales while catching Puerto Rico’s DNGR GRDN on the 1s and 2s. I saw him at the Fania Records party this past summer, and the boy is dope. Adding to the occasion is the fact that guests in each city can win a trip to two to the lovely island. 

Just before the tour’s November 22nd stop here in NYC, DNGR GRDN released the Taste of Rum mixtape, and the mixtape is a slickly produced tour through dance and pop music of the last 40 years or so, and at breakneck speed. But it’ll have you dancing for sure.