For over a decade singer/songwriter Nicholas Krgovich (pronged KER-ga-ViTCH) has developed a reputation for an idiosyncratic and creatively restless spirit as he’s written and performed in projects such as No Kids, Gigi and P:ANO and for his collaborations with Mount Eerie, Nite Jewel and Dirty Projectors’s Amber Coffman. But it may be his forthcoming and long-awaited solo debut On Sunset that may put Krgovitch on the map – especially since the album’s material, as you’ll hear on “Along the PCH on Oscar Night,” bears quite a resemblance to Joe Jackson (think of “Steppin’ Out” in particular), thanks in part to composer Stefan Udell’s gorgeous, cinematic arrangements. In fact, it adds an almost period specific wistfulness to a material that is essential a pean to a lost Los Angeles full of drifters, washed up movie stars, glowing courtyard pools, highways, movie set and sunsets over the hills – but underneath the beautiful dreams, there’s something, awkward sad and truly fucked up.