Formed in Oklahoma, Colourmusic can trace their origins to when Ryan Hendrix and the British-born Nick Turner met and bonded over their love of Aphex Twin while in college. Colin Fleishacker (bass) and NIcholas Ley (drums) were recruited to flesh out the band’s sound. With the band’s two previously released albums F, Monday, Orange, February, Venus, Lunatic, 1 or 13 and My ____ Is Pink the band quickly developed a reputation for meshing hallucinatory elements with experimental rock tropes and a warped sense of humor/ In fact that band has written songs based around Newton’s theory of color and have written and played songs  at the tempo that people have sex – and those were just some of the random experiments they’ve been known for. 

 The band’s recently released new album May You Marry Rich is reportedly their darkest effort to date as the songs thematically explore man’s insatiable lust for pure happiness.  As Ryan Hendrix has mentioned in interviews the material is obsessed over “…the option to have anything you want, like a king and asking whether that would make you happy. It’s about happiness and a theory that we’re not wired to have contentment as our genetic disposition." 

"Horse Race,” the latest single and video off the album has a cinematic feel. In fact Hendrix has noted that it’s one of a couple of songs on the album with a James Bond movie feel. But it manages to have atmospheric feel that evokes the sensation of anxiousness and claustrophobia with an industrial clang and clatter – in some way it captures the interior thoughts of it’s narrator with an uncanny preciseness.