Formed in Seattle in 2013 and currently based in Brooklyn, the quintet of LEGS received national attention when “So Obvious,” a single off their self-titled debut EP was featured in the 2014 indie rom-com Obvious Child starring Jenny Slate and David Cross

Produced by Nick Stumpf, who has worked with Caveman and Coke Weed, LEGS’ debut full-length effort, Altitud was developed over two years of touring, writing and recording. And the recently released album’s first single “Top of the World” was a shimmering and angular dance pop track that sounded as though it owed a debt to Fear of Music and Remain In Light-era Talking Heads, as the song was comprised of four-on-the-floor drums, thick keyboard chords, cascading synths and a disco-inspired bass line. In other words that song possesses an offbeat funkiness with an art school sheen – while being upbeat and playful. And the album’s latest single “Jungle” continues in similar vein as you’ll hear jagged stabbing synth chords balance by twinkling synth chords just underneath, sinuous bass chords and falsetto vocals. And perhaps more like the Talking Heads, the song conveys an underlying neurotic anxiety, while being slick enough for the dance floor. Trippy, right? 

The recently released official video has the band going in for free, blindfolded haircuts – and if that didn’t make you anxious, I don’t know what would. But on another level, it implies the trust that we all have to build up to develop any relationship that’s worthwhile.