Formerly a member of White Rose Movement and Arturo, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Finn Vine’s solo project Genuflex (taken from the word “genuflection”) has seen breathless comparisons to the likes of Roy Orbison, Liz Fraser, Bobby Hatfield and Dead Can Dance, for Vine’s soulfully crooned torch songs that thematically that deal with loss, obsession, loneliness, anguish and piety; however, on Vine’s latest single “The Last Gods” his vocals are paired with buzzing, industrial electronics which give the song a dark, post-modern, apocalyptic feel. 

Recently, Mark Stewart, best known for his work in The Pop Group recently remixed Genuflex’s “The Last Gods,” as part of a series of remixes, and Stewart’s remix employs the use of gently cascading and twinkling synths and propulsive drums which interestingly enough, gives the song a bit more room to breathe while retaining the dark, menacing feel of the original.