Founded in 2008, Sphera Records focuses on the works of known and up-and-coming producers, often having them collaborate to rather interesting results – such as Samuele SartiniAndy Tee, and Dave Hunter’s “DiscoVery,” a slickly produced, club-rocking house music track comprised of hot flashes of cymbals, cascading synths, swirling electronics and a glitchy vocal sample in an infectious hook. 

Their latest single “Cocido” is by the Serbian born producer and DJ, Vlada Asanin, who is best known among European EDM fans, critics and club goers. “Cocido” is comprised of layers undulating synths, hot flashes of cymbals and a looped computerized vocal sample, which gives the song both a futuristic yet dystopian feel. And yet it sounds like something you’ll hear in OUTPUT or countless other clubs across the world, thanks to the fact that it sounds as though it owes a debt to The Chemical Brothers