Growing up, Arum Rae’s family frequently moved, and she found shelter and a sense of belonging in her various schools’ music programs.  While attending her third high school, her choir teacher heard her sing, and believed in her potential, and helped her land a scholarship at the Berklee College of Music in Boston

During her last semester at Berklee, Rae began to write original music and taught herself the guitar, so that she wouldn’t be dependent on anyone else’s accompaniment, and she believed that by doing it on her, she’d be able to find her own musical voice.  Eventually, she wound up in Austin, TX where she was performing under the moniker of White Dress.

But much like countless musicians, Arum Rae wound up relocating to Brooklyn, where she met  Sanford Livingston, whom she had worked with for her debut EP, Warranted Queen EP. That EP was a slickly produced, minimalist electro soul that was reminiscent of BeaconSteven A. Clark and others, as it was comprised of  big throbbing beats and swirling electronics and synths, which evoked a chilly anxiousness and regret; however, Arum Rae’s vocals also managed to evoke a deep sense of heartache. 

“Let’s Shake” is the first single off Arum Rae’s forthcoming Waving Wild EPWarranted Queen’s much anticipated follow up – and interestingly, the track reveals a chance in sonic direction as the song is based around buzzing guitar chords, bleeping and hooping synths, and thundering drums. And appropriately, Rae sings her lyrics with a bluesy, larger-than-life swagger. It’s actually an incredibly sensual song – perhaps the most sensual song she’s released to date.