I caught the Brooklyn-based trio Sharkmuffin during a hot summer night at Fort Useless, and was impressive by their energy – at one point, their lead vocalist was standing on her amplifier and wandering around the DIY art space/performance space. Sonically, their sound pulled together elements of punk, noise and prog rock. In particularly, several songs employed the use of a theremin, which doesn’t come up too often at most of the live shows that I go to – with the exception of the Octopus Project, maybe. 

In a relatively short period of time, Sharkmuffin has become a national indie rock darling – Alternative Press will be featuring them in their “100 Bands You Should Know” series and they’ve received praise from the likes of Paste Magazine, Bust Magazine, and the Deli Magazine

Their latest effort 1097 is straightforward, power chord rock in the vein of Hole, and Is Is and Fever to Tell-era Yeah Yeah Yeahs, as you’ll hear on the EP’s first single, “Quarter Machine.” a pummeling song that kicks ass and takes names. 

The trio was recently out in Los Angeles for a stint of shows with Patty Schemel of Hole, and are returning home for a big home coming show at Piano’s tomorrow and it should kick ass. 

Sharkmuffin had a sound that was much more interesting, as it had elements of metal, prog rock and noise. And whenever a band brings out a theremin, I’m usually impressed.