I may have mentioned this somewhere or another, but as a boy, I was a huge fan of The Police; in fact, my mom would love to remind me that “Canary In A Coal Mine” off Zenyatta Mondatta was one of my favorite Police songs when I was small. And as I mentioned previously, over decade or so, I think I’ve become increasingly introspective during the beginning of a new year – I start thinking past friends, loves, triumphs, mistakes and experiences, as well as old albums and bands I used to love. So as you can imagine when I came across this footage of The Police on Rockpalast shot in January 1980, I was thrilled. 

There are several highlights to this roughly 65 minute or so set, including – “Walking On The Moon” “The Bed’s Too Big Without You,"and "Message In A Bottle” off Regatta de Blanc; and “Hole In My Life"and "Born in the 50s: off Outlandos d’Amour. From this footage, it should be obvious as to why The Police quickly became one of the biggest bands of their time.