If you’ve been following JOVM for the past couple of months you may have come across a post on the up-and-coming Cornwall-born and London-based singer/songwriter Matt Woods. Woods has received quite a bit of attention from several UK-based blogs for his incredibly earnest and soulful, seductive vocals. 

His latest single “Impression” is comprised of brief burst of gently strummed guitar, swirling electronics, gently undulating synths paired with Woods’ vocals, which express vulnerability, need and aching hurt. Interestingly enough, in the song’s press notes, Woods explains that the song was written about and for an ex-lover who made quite a profound impact on his life. “It’s probably the first time I admitted to myself how much of an impact she’s made.” And on another level, it implies the fact that ghosts linger – both positively and negatively in one’s life. 

Much like his first single, “Impression” manages to balance an icy minimalism in a way that is extraordinarily contemporary while nodding to old school soul and R&B.