If you’ve been following JOVM for the past few months, you may remember that I wrote about an up-and-coming electronic music artist and producer, Slaptop. And his debut single “Sunrise,” evoked a wild, youthful sensibility while possessing a slick production style that owes a debt to house music, thanks to breezy and glistening synths, warm blasts of horns and a funky bass line paired with seductive vocals; in fact the single was reportedly about a group of friends who go out on an all-night adventure that eventually culminates in watching the sunrise together.  

His latest single “Distraction” is comprised of cascading layers of synths, throbbing bass, mathematically precise drum programming, swirling electronics and seductively cooed vocals. The track’s production values owes a major sonic debt to both house music and contemporary EDM while being soulful and playfully seductive. In some way, the track sounds like a flirting come-on to some pretty young thing you’ve just approached in the club.