If you’ve been following JOVM for the past few months or so, you’ll likely remember the Los Angeles-based quartet Lady Low. Each member of the band is quite accomplished in their own right. Founding member Jimmy Sweet, was a member of the San Francisco, CA-based punk band Richmond Sluts, and had a stint as a touring member of Hot Hot Heat.  And the rest of the band, Rachel Maxann (vocals, synth, bass), Eden Lee (vocals, drums), Kaitlin Wolfberg (violin) and Hannah Blumenfeld (violin) are all noted musicians in the Los Angeles scene. 

Their latest single “Rainy Day” is a swooning, romantic song comprised of soaring strings, and the harmonies between Sweet’s gritty husky baritone and Rachel Maxann’s and Eden Lee’s lilting sopranos. Much like their previous single, the song’s obvious influences are Wall of Sound-era Phil Spector and 60s bubblegum pop ballads but interestingly enough, it also bears a resemblance to Great Northern’s Trading Twilight for Daylight and Remember Remember’s The Quickening as the song is intimate, earnest pop with a cinematic scope.