If you’ve been following JOVM for the past year or so, you may remember that early last year, I wrote about the Gothenburg, Sweden-based punk quartet, LaDIDas. And for a punk band, their sound is highly unusual as they’re heavily influenced by the Dadaist movement – they’ve been known to include singing saws, melodica and stylophone to the tried and true punk rock arrangements of guitar, bass, drums and vocals. Interestingly, their sound continues a lengthy tradition of punk rock with an art school sheen; however, LaDIDas’ sound may be the wildest, most unhinged I’ve heard in recent memory. 

Several blogs across Europe have compared the Swedish quartet to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs – and that’s not surprising. The band’s frontperson Britta Bea Persson has a vocal style that possesses an uncanny resemblance to Karen O. Within the turn of a phrase, Persson can evoke a bratty, in-your-face girlishness, a sultry, urgent seductiveness and a unhinged fury. She croons, coos and roars while her bandmates play with a frenetic energy. 

I recently heard from the band about their latest single “Heads On My Wall,” and the song reminds me quite a bit of Is Is and Fever to Tell-era Yeah Yeah Yeahs – but with a pop sheen. Still at its heart is a proudly sexual narrator, who fearlessly gets what she wants, like a hunter. It’s badass and sexy as hell.