If you’ve been following this site for the past few months, you’d be familiar with the Nottingham born and London-based  producer, remixer, DJ and vocalist (among several other things) Ronika. She won the attention of the British press with the release of her Selectadisc EP, which paid tribute to a beloved record shop where the young producer bought albums; in fact, that album was praised for it’s crate-digging aesthetic as it borrowed liberally from disco, hip-hop, house, R&B and soul. 

Her latest effort Marathon and its first single, the EP title track “Marathon” continues Ronika’s reputation for crating a sound that easily sounds inspired by Chaka Khan‘s I Feel For You and other 80s synth-based R&B as it does to contemporary electro pop; in some it sounds as though it could have been released in 1983 as it does this year, thanks to its slickness.

The official video is heavily influenced by 80s italian talk shows and surreal British comedies. In some way the video captures the almost period specific feel of the song – down to the graphics, lighting, costumes, all of it. But the video does it with a surreal sense of humor and irony to it; in fact, the video is actually about the artist promoting the song – on a fake talk show. Talk about meta, huh?