If you’ve been frequenting JOVM for the better part of the last year or so, you’d likely be at least passingly familiar with the Detroit-based duo of Gosh Pith. Comprised of Josh Smith (vocals, guitar and production) and Josh Freed (samples, synths and production), the duo have built up something of a national profile across the blogosphere for a moody and minimalist, synth-based R&B/pop sound that at times channels the likes of Beacon, Dream Koala and others, although interestingly enough, over the past year or so, their sound has become much warmer, as each single has progressively employed the use of instrumentation – in essence, their recorded sound has inched closer to their live sound.

Smith and Freed’s latest single “The Child” is a slow-burning and bluesy take on their electro pop/R&B sound as reverb-y, blues chord-based guitar lines are paired with moodily swirling electronics, percussion led by hot flashes of cymbal and mournful vocals, which makes the song arguably the most overtly sensual song they’ve released to date – while simultaneously nodding towards a shoegaze-influenced psychedelia.