If you’ve been frequenting JOVM over the course of the past year or so, you’d likely recall coming across a couple of posts on Maybe the Moon, a Bay Area-based indie electro pop duo, comprised of Karmen Kimball (vocals, keyboards) and Alex Lasner (guitar, keyboards). The duo met a party, which fell on December 21, 2012, the end of the 13th cycle of the ancient Mayan calendar – and the alleged end of the world. During the party, Kimball and Lasner bonded over a mutual love of Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music, and discovered that had attended the same elementary school. A few weeks later, they got engaged and started working on a the material that would eventually become the batch of singles that the duo has been releasing over the course of this year. 

The duo’s latest single “Big Night/Small Town” as Lasnar explained to me via email  is about “the fear and paranoia of living in a world where anything can happen at any time. Some choose isolation as a means of coping, while others live lives seemingly unaffected by the daily horrors reported on the news. Whichever side of the line you’re on, you still have to ask yourself, ‘how can we make friends if we don’t talk to stranger?’’ Of course, what has captured my attention about the duo over the past year is their ability to pair eerily minimalist electronic production – in this case, slowly cascading synths with sparse beats, Kimball’s ethereal vocals and lyrics that possess a novelist’s attention to detailed psychological states. With “Big Night/Small Town,” the song evokes the desperate desire of the profoundly lonely to connect with another and a simultaneous fear of the unknown – and that fear of the unknown creates misunderstandings and continued ugly stereotypes of others. It’s eerie and yet a profound statement on modern life as we know it.