If you’ve been frequenting JOVM over the past few months to about a year, you may be familiar with London-based DJ, producer and electronic music artist, Stuart Ojelay. When I first wrote about Ojelay, he was the resident DJ and producer at label, events and music branding company, Hed Kandi; however, in the past few months, Ojelay has launched his own label, Word of Mouth Records and to celebrate the occasion, Ojelay has recoded and released a number of singles, including several with his frequent and long-time collaborator Ted Nilsson. Their latest collaboration together, “Watching You” continues the duo’s reputation for crafting slick late 80s and early 90s-inspired house, as the song is comprise of layers of glistening and cascading synths, room rocking 808-inspired drum programming, bloops and bleeps, a looped vocal hook with a Latin-tinged breakbeat towards the middle of the song before morphing back into 90s-inspired house to end the song. Simply put, it’s the sort of song you’d expect to hear a DJ rocking to get the crowd going well into the night.