If you’ve been frequenting JOVM you may be familiar with the Vancouver, BC-based producer and former DFA Records remix contest winner, Pat Lok. Over the past year, Lok’s profile has grown exponentially as his singles have received well over 1 million Soundcloud plays and two of his singles “Move Slow” and “Same Hearts” received critical praise form the likes of DJs, tastemakers and bloggers, including Vice’s electronic music blog, THUMP. His remixes of Cashmere Cat, Justin Timberlake and his original single, “Remember” received BBC Radio 1 airplay.  And an AlunaGeorge bootleg, which was personally praised by the act, received over 300,000 plays. Additionally, he’s played clubs across Western Europe, Mexico, Columbia, US and his native Canada.  

Earlier this year, UK-based electronica/EDM label Love and Other Records released Pat Lok’s “All In My Head” featuring Desiree Dawson. Reportedly, Lok had discovered Dawson as she was busking in their hometown of Vancouver. The slickly produced song consists of layers of cascading synths, complex percussion lead by handclaps and followed by four-on-the-floor drums paired with Dawson’s powerful and soulful vocals. Sonically, the song is a summery blast of house music that bears an uncanny resemblance to Octo Octa’s Between Two Selves — the song has a bracing feel of diving into a pool on a stifling day. And yet, it’s an incredibly club-ready song.

Recently, SYRE remixed “All In My Head” turning the song into an even more propulsive house track, comprised of skittering percussion, dense layers of cascading synths, hot flashes of cymbals and electronic bleeps and books paired with Dawson’s incredibly soulful vocals. Other than retaining Dawson’s vocals and song’s general spirit and tone, the SYRE remix is a complete rework of the song that’s slickly produced, completely contemporary and incredibly sexy.