Immediately after the release of Zeroes, Luis Vasquez, the creative mastermind of The Soft Moon announced that the sophomore album would be the last solo, Soft Moon album. However, after Vasquez relocated to Venice, he had a change of heart. Alone, and as a strange in a foreign land, Vasquez retreated within himself and came to the conclusion that The Soft Moon was just meant to be a solo project.

The recently released Deeper, Vasquez’s third Soft Moon album was influenced by the experience of living in complete solitude, in a foreign land without anyone to fall back on or to help. And as a result, the material on the album may arguably be the most viscerally emotional material Vasquez has written. Whereas the album’s first single “Black” evoked a very Kafka-esque sensation: of a man being pummeled by an unfeeling, unresponsive system – or a man helplessly drowning within his own isolation and loneliness. In some way, it was an urgent, desperate existential howl into the void. The album’s latest single is the stark, ominous “Wasting,” Comprised of layers of icy synth stabs and eerily atmospherics paired with Vasquez’s plaintive vocals, the song evokes a crushing, desperate loneliness – a deeply existential loneliness that comes from the realization that ultimately, we’re all alone in an unforgiving, uncaring universe.

The official video for “Wasting” follows what appears to be an unusual medical experiment involving psychedelics and strobe lights but it seems to leave patients irreparably shell-shocked. It’s heightens the anxious sort of dread that’s in the song, perfectly.