In his 20 year carer, Etienne de Crecy has become one of the major figures of the international EDM scene, as he’s recorded some of the genre’s most influential albums of that span Pansoul (under the pseudonym Motorbass), Super Discount 1, Tempovision and Super Discount 2. He’s also recorded over 30 EPs and 40 remixes of the work of Moby, Kraftwerk, Air, Morcheeba and others. Recognized for his versatile production style, de Crecy has alss held a long-held reputation for his skills on the 1s and 2s through his innovative Beats ‘N Cubes project. 

After several years of touring, de Crecy will be releasing Super Discount 3, ten years after the release of Super Discount 2 and the first single “Hashtag My Ass” pairs glitchy Kraftwerk-styled vocoder fed vocals with sinuous, and cascading house music-inspired synths, and bursts of angular guitar. Sonically, it bears a resemblance to fellow countrymen Daft Punk – but with a warmer, human touch.